Partnership with Myntor

Derive It is glad to announce a new partnership with the startup company, Myntor ( They are a venture backed edtech startup with 1200+ students that provides AI-powered test prep courses for AP subjects and the SAT/ACT.



Students of Myntor’s test preparation programs have been accepted to universities such as MIT and Harvard. The strengths of this program include unlimited practice problems and the ability to identify the weak areas of a student’s preparation. Walkthroughs and answers are provided to the test questions. If you go to Myntor’s website, you can see a demo of their online user interface with instantaneous feedback on problems.

Myntor is currently launching an AP Calculus AB course that includes over 40 hours of filmed footage with industry experts explaining how calculus relates to real-life industry problems. In my opinion, one of the best ways to master a subject is to do practice problems, and this startup definitely facilitates this kind of learning. I encourage my readers to explore what Myntor has to offer.


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