Newton’s Second Law is symbolically written as

$ \vec{F}_{net} = m \vec{a}$.

Here, $\vec{F}_{net}$ is the net force on an object with nonzero mass $m$. If the object has a mass of zero, such as a photon, Newton’s second law indicates that the net force on the object would be the zero vector. If the mass is nonzero, the object subject to a net force experiences an acceleration $\vec{a}$.

The following YouTube video provides an example of how to use Newton’s Second Law.

How to Use Newton’s Second Law


3 thoughts on “Newton’s Second Law

  1. It’s interesting Daniel, that this law completely changes as one goes further, right ?
    I just made my shot on it, but yours is absolutely fantastic !

      1. Well, actually it’s when you dive into the theory of relativity. In fact I have a blog post over it which you can see for further info.
        But really it feels so amazing when theory of relativity’s results come in 🤩

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