• Real Numbers

    Here you can learn more about real numbers, which include rational and irrational numbers. A real numbers can be plotted on a number line. To learn more, you can watch this YouTube video about real numbers, below.

  • What is a variable?

    Watch this video to find out!

  • Python Modules and Python Libraries – What’s the difference?

    In this post, you will learn how to leverage Python code that has already been written. This reusable code is available in the form of so-called modules and libraries. In what follows, you will learn about modules and libraries, as well as the differences between them. Also, this post contains useful information about the basics…

  • Set up Python the Smart Way

    This post will teach you about computers and show you how to set up a programming language called Python. Operating Systems A computer is characterized by its operator system, or OS for short. The most common operating systems are Windows, Linux/UNIX, and macOS. This guide will focus on Windows and macOS. If you have a…