This is a summary of the second part of Appendix A in Albert Einstein’s book [1]. By second part, I mean the part immediately after the derivation of the Lorentz transformation. If there is no relative motion between the coordinate systems with respect to the $ y$ and $ z$ axis of $ K$, then the $ Y$ and $ Z$ coordinates of the light in $ K$ are equal to the coordinates of the light in $ K’$, since there is no need to modify these coordinates: $ Y’ = Y$ and $ Z’ = Z$. Next, the […]

This is an attempt to clarify the brief derivation of the Lorentz transformation in Albert Einstein’s book [1]. Suppose that the speed of light, $ c$, is the same regardless of whether a coordinate system is or is not translating with a nonzero speed.Next consider two coordinates systems.The first is called $ K$ and the second is called $ K’$.The coordinates for $ K$ are $ x,y,z,t$ and the coordinates for $ K’$ are $ x’,y’,z’,t’$.Let $ K’$ be translating with respect to $ K$ with a speed of $ v$.The direction of this translation of $ K’$ is

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