Partnership with Myntor

Derive It is glad to announce a new partnership with the startup company, Myntor ( They are a venture backed edtech startup with 1200+ students that provides AI-powered test prep courses for AP subjects and the SAT/ACT.     Students of Myntor’s test preparation programs have been accepted to universities such as MIT and Harvard. The …

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Hartree Product

In quantum chemistry, a wave function for a single electron is called an orbital or a spin orbital, but what could be a wave function for several electrons? [1] One option is related to the Hartree Product. Douglas Hartree, a contributor to the field of quantum chemistry. Noninteracting System According to Attila Szabo and Neil …

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Gradient of a Function

Introduction In this post, I find an expression for the gradient of a function, in terms of spherical coordinates. This is a continuation of previous posts, such as this one. This post has a lot of symbols, but there is a lot of repetition. Formalism Recall that $ \vec{e}_r = \frac{\partial x(r)}{\partial r}\big|_{r^+} \vec{e}_x + \frac{\partial y(r)}{\partial …

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The Radial Unit Vector

In this post, I find an expression for the radial unit vector, $\vec{e}_r$. The three unit vectors in the following digram form a right-handed spherical coordinate system. This unit vector is easier to find than the other two unit vectors because all that is needed is vector addition. The Radial Unit Vector in Terms of …

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